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Business Profile: Crunching the Numbers

By Corinne Eismendi

An accountant, by definition, is a professional who is responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records for individuals or businesses. For many, one of their first thoughts of an accountant is someone sitting behind a desk punching numbers on a calculator, with a never-ending roll of adding tape strewn around them. Accountants are known to have a keen interest in the smallest details, having to follow strict regulatory requirements. They may get a bad rap for being too rigid about the details, but frankly, I think it’s a good thing; I know I’d want my accountant to be aware of everything, especially if it’s in my favour!

When it comes to the details, that’s what Kari Liu of K Liu Accounting Services Inc. does best. Kari and her team specialize in professional

bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services for individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Kari says, “We are dedicated to providing cost-effective, time-efficient, and worry-free services for our customers.” She adds, “As a professional service provider, our

competitive edge is our service commitment to our clients, in providing exceptional quality service with a high level of standards in accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, transparency, data privacy, and security.”

Working and advancing in the corporate world, Kari decided she wanted to go back to what she loved…and that was working directly with people. “I realized the further I advanced up the corporate ladder, the more I felt disconnected from my passion of customer-facing related work. I started working when I was 12 years old, and developed a passion of working and interacting with customers face-to-face,” says Kari.

It was her love of directly wanting to work with people that launched her business, K Liu Accounting Services in 2008. Fourteen years later, her one-woman entrepreneurship has grown to a team of four passionate individuals that serve 500 clients, and growing every year. Kari says, “No matter how much we grow, there is one thing that will never change. We will always be a small, dedicated team of passionate professionals who will consistently work with each and every one of our clients, giving our committed one-on-one quality service.

Kari’s work ethic came from watching her parents when she was a child. She spent most of her childhood on farmlands helping her parents, as her dad was an Agricultural Scientist. She experienced firsthand the definition of hard work, which taught her the meaning of humbleness, dedication, commitment, and simply being down-to-earth.

Kari’s biggest inspiration in her life is her father, and her biggest inspiration in her job is giving back to the community. “At K Liu Accounting Services, we have built strong relationships within the community, and we have the opportunity to give back by supporting local and international causes. It’s the value we hold in the work we do, that defines who we are,” explains Kari. “We often refer to our slogan for our non-for-profit organization called, Circle of Love Collections: Alone we make a difference, together we make a change.” These ladies have a long list of organizations and fundraisers that they each support,

knowing their involvement in the community makes a difference.

Kari, and her team, Laura, Lisa, and Grace are always excited to have the opportunity to share their expertise and passion with their neighbours and the community. The team says it’s very rewarding to support and empower their clients in their personal and business growth and development.

This tight-knit group of co-workers are friends outside the office, and they meet with their families for dinner at the same restaurant, every single week. It’s great to see this dynamic group of ladies support each other at work and in their personal lives. A table full of accountants, I’m sure they don’t have any trouble dividing up the bill!

Kari says, “We have an internal team hashtag – #teamworkmakesthedreamwork, and we have a great time using this hashtag in celebrating our individual and team’s successes. It can be anything from hearing of a client’s appreciation, receiving a box of chocolates from our clients, getting another 5-star review, finishing a client’s file, and celebrating our live countdown to last day of tax season.”

K Liu Accounting Services recently made the Top 5 list of best tax consultants in Winnipeg. Ladies, that is something definitely worth celebrating – well done!

With tax season quickly approaching, Kari and her team are available to answer all your questions. Call them today at 204-202-3786 to set up an appointment. Dropping by their office you’ll be greeted by their office “mascot” Chopper, a 9 lb. Shih Tzu who loves it when clients stop by to visit. As these ladies all love and embrace technology and stay updated on different computer applications, the one thing you likely won’t see are rolls of calculator adding papers strewn around themselves!


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