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Being an ever-evolving organization focused on Lean Principles, Technology Advancements, and Cloud-First Strategies, we strive to provide Elite Professional Service Experience to our clients, Canada-wide and Internationally. 

Our Unique Service Options:

  • Virtual/Remote Service

  • In-Person Office Appointments

  • Mobile On-Site & In-Home Service @ Your Location

In order to provide you with the best service solution, please click on service category below that best describes your service needs:

Insurance Consultation
Filling Out Tax Form





  • Unincorporated

  • Self-Employed

  • Contractors




Small & Medium-Sized Business (SMB)

  • Full-Cycle Bookkeeping

  • Cloud Accounting

  • Sales Tax, Tax TSlip & Payroll

  • CRA Review & Audit Services

  • CFO Financial Services

  • Advisory & Compliance

  • Business Risk & Disaster Management

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Review

  • Accounting System Setup & Training

  • E-Commerce Best Practice & Integration

  • Technology Integration Services

  • Process Improvement

  • Process Automation

  • Training and Seminars

Business Meeting



  • RRSP & Tax Planning Consultation

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

​Business & Corporations

  • Consultation & Advisory

  • Process Efficiency

  • Technology Integration

  • Process Improvement & Automation

  • Start-Up, Registration, Incorporation, Dissolution

Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certified


Advance Certified

ELITE QuickBooks® Proadvisors

  • ​Setup

  • Training

  • Migration​

  • APP Integration

  • Advisory & Support

  • Review & Feedback

  • E-Commerce Best Practices & Integration

  • External Accounting Controller Services



Mobile On-Site & In-Home Service @ Your Location $35 per Appointment *

  • Flat rate for single or multiple client appointments. 

  • Available within City of Winnipeg & Ile Des Chene area.

  • * Extra travel surcharge fee applies for locations outside of City of Winnipeg area & Ile Des Chene.

Notice of Assessment (NOA) Requests $10 per Assessment*

CRA Review & Audit Documents Submission Service $50 per submission*

CRA Review & Audit Response Service $150 per hour* 

  • * Please note NOA and CRA Review & Audit Documents Submission can also be accessed through the complimentary self-serve option in your CRA My Account.

  • Please see further details on registration and account log in @ CRA Login Services. 

  • CRA Review & Audit Response generally involves gathering supporting documentation for CRA review & approval.

  • We provide complimentary service in providing clients with response guidance, best practice recommendations, and copies of tax forms that are requested by CRA.

  • We highly recommend clients to self-compile the documents and responses to CRA as clients are most familiar and have full access to their own copies of available supporting documents, and for purposes of minimizing professional service fee costs.

Printing Service $1 per page *

Third-Party Courier/Delivery Service $20 per one-way delivery *

  • * All correspondences (including copies of tax returns) are communicated electronically and archived with a 7-year retention period. 

  • Hard copies and third-party courier/delivery services are available and can be requested as an add-on service.

Secure Parcel DropBox (No Charge)

  • Available for client self-serve drop-offs & pickups.

  • Please contact for more details on the Secure DropBox location & security code required for pickups.

Experts Panel
  • What is your processing time?
    Please find below our most common services & processing time (from time of receiving your notification of complete information is fully uploaded into your TaxFolder Client Portal: ​ On-Site In-Home Services = We aim to complete service during your scheduled appointment ​ Personal Individual Tax Services = Same day up to 7 days ​ Business Individual Tax Services = Same day up to 7 days ​ Corporation Tax Services = 2-4 weeks ​ Business Solutions = Dependent on service type & complexity ​ Consultation = Provided during your scheduled appointment QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services = Training, review, and support services are provided during your scheduled appointment. Migration and setup services are depending on service request & complexity
  • What is a Virtual Tax Preparation Process?
    Virtual Tax Preparation is a new and convenient way to have your taxes professionally prepared, using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to communicate and transmit information to our Professional Tax Specialists. The best part... this entire process can be completed anywhere and anytime: home, work, vacation, you name it! We've developed our process to be as Easy as 1-2-3: ​ 1 - Submit our Tax Preparation Service Request Form to gain access to our simple, easy-to-use, Client TaxFolder Portal to ease your tax document submission process. We will also provide you with valuable resources to help you through your preparation process. ​ 2 - Book an OPTIONAL follow-up call to review your tax results with one of our Professional Tax Specialists at your convenience. The preparation process can take anywhere from same-day up to 7-days after complete submission of your information; you will be notified as soon as we have it all wrapped up for your review. We always take due care in analyzing your tax results and providing valuable recommendations & consultation advice, we would love to share these details with you during our follow-up call; which you will have the OPTION of scheduling at your convenience! ​​ 3 - Enjoy! Relax, have fun, take a nap, go for a family outing, whatever suits your fancy! We will take care of the rest! And when you have questions, get in touch with us. We offer NEXT BUSINESS DAY response time guarantee, we are always here for you! For complete details of our Virtual Tax Preparation Process & to GET STARTED TODAY, please visit below site pages:
  • Why should I choose Virtual Tax Preparation?
    Convenient, Easy, No Waiting, Earn back your TIME, Value-Added Results & Cloud Document Storage! What is with the value-added and cloud you ask? Well... we love to share this part with you! Value-Added Results: What we value the most as Professional Tax Specialists is being able to make the most out of the time we are spending with you! After years and years of tax preparation experience, we wish it didn't take us this long to realize this... but... it is never too late to learn! And what we have learned is... the time you spend watching us, Professional Tax Specialists, type away on our laptops is NOT time well spent. So we decided to invest our time and efforts in developing a value-added Tax preparation Process; where you still receive all your standard Tax Preparation services AND the time we are spending with you is of VALUE. Which is spending time together after we have finalized your results, and you get to see our smiles through video conferencing or hear the excitement of our voices as we share with you our analysis of your tax results, and recommendations for tax saving opportunities in attaining your financial goals. ​​​ Cloud Document Storage: Who doesn't love keeping paper for 7 long years??? We certainly don't. Which is why our Virtual Tax Preparation process has integrated with cloud storage technology to help you save space and painful paper cuts. Every single document, file, and data submitted through your TaxFolder Client Portal to us will be stored in the cloud, providing you with access to your information anytime, anywhere. Save a tree, say NO to paper! For complete details of our Virtual Tax Preparation Process & to GET STARTED TODAY, please visit below site pages:
  • How do I Get Started with Virtual Tax Preparation?
    It is all about making it easy for you! Getting started is Easy as 1-2-3! ​ Click on below link to submit your Tax Service Request Form, we will get you fully setup and take you step-by-step through our Virtual Tax Preparation Service! And at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE you have questions, contact us! We'd love to hear from you and further assist you! And best of all, we will ALWAYS respond to you within our NEXT BUSINESS DAY guaranteed response time! For complete details of our Virtual Tax Preparation Process, please visit below site pages:
  • I am not comfortable with virtual technology, what options are available to me to complete my tax service engagement?
    We strive to provide you with the best service experience that you very well deserve, therefore we have taken our client's various preferences, needs and limitations into consideration. We provide four non-virtual service appointment format options: K Liu Accounting Services Office Appointments On-Site* In-Home* Service Appointments *On-Site In-Home Appointments are available on SATURDAYS ONLY *On-Site/Mobile Surcharge Applies to On-Site In-Home Appointments Document Drop Off Options In-person Drop-off: Please contact our reception at or call (204) 202-3786 to inform us of your expected drop-off date and time during our standard office hours. We'll ensure a team member is available to meet you at the door. In-person Drop-off with Discussion Meeting: Please utilize the meeting scheduler link below to set up a meeting at your convenience. Contactless Drop-off: Our secure drop-off bin is accessible 24/7 and is located by the front door of our residential office at 96 Arpin Bay. Following your drop-off, please send an email notification to, and our team will promptly retrieve the documents and begin working on your file. Documents Courier Service* *Third-Party Courier/Delivery Service Surcharge Applies to Document Courier Service per one-way delivery ​
  • I have many hardcopy documents, how can I easily submit this information through my TaxFolder Client Portal?
    We recommend for you to access the UPLOAD section of your TaxFolder Client Portal through your mobile phone web browser to access the camera feature of your phone, this will allow you to easily take clear images of your documents.
  • What can I expect after notifying K Liu Accounting Services Inc. of fully completing my TaxFolder Client Portal uploads?
    For your convenience, we have created a helpful Tax Return Preparation Workflow Process Map to show you all the steps involved in our service process, so you know exactly what to expect each step of the way until the finish line.
  • Who will be working on my client file?
    We have strategically developed our Team to be small in size, allowing our Trusted Team of Professional Tax & Accounting Specialists to maximize team & client collaboration, build strong and long-term relationships, and gain the ability to have hands-on involvement with each and every client file throughout all members within our Team. Our technology-driven processes allow us to achieve peak process efficiency, data accuracy, minimize billable time, and gain the ability to always take on new clients and existing clients' evolving service needs. Our clients will never feel like they are just a number nor shuffled around from staff to staff, as each Team Member takes due care and has familiarity with every single client file.
  • Will I be able to discuss my tax return with a Tax Specialist?
    During your in-person appointment, we provide every client with the opportunity of discussing your tax results, reviewing the details of your tax forms, and obtaining expert advice on financial & tax planning questions. ​ For our virtual remote clients, once your preliminary tax return copy is shared with you for review and approval, you will get an email to schedule an optional follow-up conference call. During this conference call, we utilize screen-sharing features to view your tax return with you, providing you with the opportunity of discussing your tax results, reviewing the details of your tax forms, and obtaining expert advice on financial & tax planning questions. ​ If you have questions and concerns anytime during your service engagement process you are always welcome to Schedule A Call with us to discuss your needs, questions, and concerns.
  • TaxFolder Client Portal FAQ
    TaxFolder FAQ What is TaxFolder? Is TaxFolder Secure? What browsers and devices does TaxFolder support? How do I get started? How do I sign a document? How do I verify my identity before signing a document? How do I upload documents? How do I reset my password? I don't know if I have an account. How do I get started? Where can I get more help? TaxFolder Troubleshooting Help & Videos ​Your Client Portal Account Access Sign and Approval Documents Upload and Download Documents
  • Troubleshooting Tips
    Please try below troubleshooting tips, if you are still having issues, I would recommend for you to opt in for the below options of: Alternative Secure Document Submission Solution, or call our office during office hours @ (204) 202-3786 for technical support. Thank you. TaxFolder Account Log In Issues Please ensure you are following below steps to Connect/Log In to your designated TaxFolder client portal account Other Helpful Resources How to Connect/Sign In & Reset Your TaxFolder Client Portal Account How to Sign or Approve Documents in TaxFolder How to Upload & Download Documents in TaxFolder Processing Error/Lag Technical Issues Wait for a couple minutes & refresh Clear cache of your internet browser and log in again google chrome instructions internet explorer instructions Alternative Secure Document Submission Solution An alternative to the e-document upload feature with your TaxFolder client portal is the Secure Data Submission Portal on our website @ Please kindly send us an email notification once your complete uploads have been submitted, either through TaxFolder or our website. Other Alternatives If you are finding the virtual process is not working well for you, please do not frustrate yourself further with this process, we are happy to discuss other user-friendly alternatives with you to make the process as stress-free as possible. Please kindly call our office during office hours @ (204) 202-3786 to discuss other alternative options listed below. Adobe Sign e-signature alternatives Email Document Submission & Sharing Cautionary - Email, as a communication medium, may not be completely secure, and it is crucial to exercise caution when sharing confidential data or sensitive details. Non-Virtual Service Options: In-person appointment options (in-office/on-site) Document drop-off We will further forward your issue to TaxFolder software development team for further investigation. Please note, TaxFolder can still be utilized for document review & signing, while the software developers are resolving these technical issues. We greatly appreciate your patience as we would be experiencing similar issues as you are, and understand the frustration you can be feeling, and we appreciate your accommodation in adapting to our alternative solutions provided above. Thank you.
  • I have many hardcopy documents, how can I easily submit this information through my TaxFolder Client Portal?
    We recommend for you to access the UPLOAD section of your TaxFolder Client Portal through your mobile phone web browser to access the camera feature of your phone, this will allow you to easily take clear images of your documents.
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