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What is Virtual Tax Preparation?

​Virtual Tax Preparation is a new and convenient way to have your taxes professionally prepared, using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer to communicate and transmit information to our Professional Tax Specialists.  The best part... this entire process can be completed anywhere and anytime: home, work, vacation, you name it!


We've developed our process to be as Easy as 1-2-3:


1 - Submit your email & mobile phone # to gain access to our simple, easy-to-use, document submission Mobile APP (Receipt Bank), along with other alternatives to ease your tax document submission process.  We will also provide you with valuable resources to help you through your preparation process.

2 - Book an OPTIONAL follow-up call to review your tax results with one of our Professional Tax Specialists at your convenience.  The preparation process can take anywhere from same-day up to 7-days after complete submission of your information; you will be notified as soon as we have it all wrapped up for your review.  We always take care in analyzing your tax results and providing valuable recommendations & consultation advice, we would love to share these details with you during our follow-up call; which you will have the OPTION of scheduling at your convenience!

3 - Enjoy!  Relax, have fun, take a nap, go for a family outing, whatever suits your fancy!  We will take care of the rest!  And when you have questions, get in touch with us.  We offer 24-hour response time guarantee, we are always here for you!

Why should I choose Virtual Tax Preparation?

​Convenient, Easy, No Waiting, Earn back your TIME, Value-Added Results and Cloud Document Storage!  What is with the value-added and cloud you ask?  Well... we love to share this part with you!


Value-Added Results: What we value the most as Professional Tax Specialists is being able to make the most out of the time we are spending with you!  After years and years of tax preparation experience, we wish it didn't take us this long to realize this... but... it is never too late to learn!  And what we have learned is... the time you spend watching us, Professional Tax Specialists, type away on our laptops is NOT time well spent.  So we decided to invest our time and efforts in developing a value-added Tax preparation Process; where you still receive all your standard Tax Preparation services AND the time we are spending with you is of VALUE.  Which is spending time together after we have finalized your results, and you get to see our smiles through video conferencing or hear the excitement of our voices as we share with you our analysis of your tax results, and recommendations for tax saving opportunities in attaining your financial goals.      

Cloud Document Storage:  Who doesn't love keeping paper for 7 long years???  We certainly don't.  Which is why our Virtual Tax Preparation process has integrated with cloud storage technology to help you save space and painful paper cuts.  Every single document, file, and data submitted electronically to us will be stored in the cloud, providing you with access to your information anytime, anywhere.  Save a tree, say NO to paper!


How do I Get Started?

It is all about making it easy for you!  Getting started is Easy as 1-2-3! 

Click on the left icon to email us your email & mobile phone #, we will get your fully setup and take you step-by-step through our Virtual Tax Preparation Service!  And at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE you have questions, contact us!  We'd love to hear from you and further assist you!   And best of all, we will ALWAYS respond to you within our 24 hours guaranteed response time!