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With the growing trend of movement to virtual/cloud data access and storage, we at K Liu Accounting Services Inc.

have always taken security and data protection as a top priority, and our goal is to always be leading the industry trends in technology and security.  With this goal in mind, our entire process and system are fully protected with 2FA, and we have also taken our best foot forward and integrated Trusted & True Applications in our process as our primary client data-sharing solution.  


TaxFolder has been proven to have leading Canadian Data Security in the world of cloud data management.  And the importance of data stored within Canada provides extra protection in meeting our Canadian Data Privacy and Protection regulations.  TaxFolder also provides clients with real-time access to important financial details anywhere & anytime, all at your fingertips through 



During your service engagement process, your secure TaxFolder Client Portal will allow you to:

UPLOAD your tax-related documents

REVIEW & APPROVE preliminary tax documents

SIGN required documents electronically

ACCESS filed tax returns & financial reports completed with 

K Liu Accounting Services Inc. 


For security, privacy, confidentiality, consent, and legal liability purposes.  In protecting both client and K Liu Accounting Services Inc.;

a Mandatory Service Engagement Package & CRA Account Authorization(s) will be

sent to your TaxFolder Client Portal for mandatory signing.

Canada Revenue Agency account authorization provides access to tax account information, assessment-related notices, tax filing details, payment details, carry forward balances, benefit & credit information and payments, processing status, and much more. 

Providing K Liu Accounting Services Inc. authorization to your individual and/or business CRA accounts will allow us to verify the accuracy and completeness of information for your tax account filings, as well it allows us to represent you in communications and requests with CRA. 

CRA Account Access Authorization will maximize your service process efficiency and accuracy.  

Providing you with a truly hassle-free & worry-free service experience.


***If you have any concerns with completing the required actions below, please contact us to discuss further***

***Please note, TaxFolder Client Portal Accounts requires a separate account for each corporation, please ensure to provide a different email address per account that you would like to have setup.


Please check your inbox after submitting your Online Tax Service Request Form
for TaxFolder Client Portal email invitation (this will be setup for you within 24 hours) to gain access

to begin Tax Document Upload Process

***IF you have an EXISTING TaxFolder Client Portal account already*** 
after your Tax Service Request Submission, please access your existing account through TaxFolder Client Portal

to begin Tax Document Upload Process


With our 24 hours guaranteed response time, you will always be a VIP!!!

If you have any questions or concerns, simply email or SCHEDULE A CALL with our Professional Tax & Accounting Specialists.

For your convenience, we have also compiled a FAQ page to provide you with real-time answers to your questions.

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Now that your days of ...

dreading the word "TAX", the endless search for receipts,

 the piling up of paperwork,  and the mind-numbing data entry are


Why not put your feet up, RELAX & ENJOY ALL THE TIME FREEDOM

you now gained!

Let K Liu Accounting Services Inc. take care of the rest for you!  And we will be in touch promptly with progress updates, inquiries,

tax-saving tips, tax planning suggestions, and to finalize your service engagement.


K Liu Accounting Services Inc. adapts Lean Principle in providing an ever-evolving enhanced streamlined workflow process for our clients.   With this methodology, our services and external & internal workflow processes have been developed to create maximum process efficiency, while directing the focus in maximizing tax saving opportunities and tax planning strategies.

We have developed a toolbox of value-added resources to provide you with THE fulfilling service experience that you deserve.  

As said... Time is Money... the time invested in the utilization of our valuable toolbox resources will potentially save and earn you money!


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